Clyde's Gallant Fox: Mammoth Jack Standing at Stud.
About Ted

Clyde's Gallant Fox, better know as "Ted", was a Mother's Day present for his owner, Samantha Francis of Richards, MO. The Francis' own a mule, Clyde's Brass Ring, who has seen his own share of success in the show ring. Brass is sired by Candace Shauger's mammoth jack, TJC Clyde. Samantha knew TJC Clyde was a great mule sire so when the opportunity presented itself to purchase a donkey by Clyde she took it.

Ted as a Foal"I saw a picture of Ted as a foal in a for sale ad that Candace had placed in Mules And More," said Samantha. "He was the most adorable thing I had ever seen and I told my husband, Dwain, that I had to have him!"

The Francis' brought the young jack home where he was Samantha's shadow for the first two years of his life.

"Ted loved the inside of his ears rubbed and he always liked kisses when he was little," recalls Samantha. "He would follow me around like a puppy and would even bump me if I wasn't giving him enough attention. He would also bray when he heard my voice."

Samantha says that she was always impressed by Ted's disposition. He really enjoys being around people and even as a baby would always try to do whatever was asked of him. She was so sure Ted was going to be successful that she named him after her favorite rock star, Ted Nugent.


"I chose his name because I knew my little donkey was going to rock the place when he grew up!" said Samantha.

Since Ted was handled by Candace as a foal, Samantha wanted to place him with a female trainer.

"Ted was always so gentle I thought he needed a woman's touch," said Samantha. "He was such a sweetie and I knew it would take the right kind of person to train him. Someone just as easy going as he was."

In October of 2009, Ted made his way to Oklahoma to start his training with Dan and Tabitha Holland of Signature Equine.


"He was special from the start," remembers Tabitha. "He is one of the best minded donkeys I have trained."


Ted went to his first show, the Fort Worth Stock Show, in January 2010 following less than120 days of training. He was the Reserve High Point Training Level Donkey.

Ted finished 2010 with a NASMA Reserve High Point Training Level Donkey award and was also named High Point Green Donkey for the GCDMA.

Even though Ted had one more year of eligibility left in green competition, Tabitha and Samantha made the decision to move him up into the open donkey division for 2011.


"Ted has always been a great loper," says Tabitha. "I knew he was ready to compete with the older donkeys because he is a naturally forward mover and has such a great mind."

World Champion Pleasure Driving at Bishop Mule Days


At the first show of the season, Fort Worth, Ted was high point donkey.


"I felt like this was going to be Ted's year." Tabitha said, "He has developed into such a great all around donkey that he is capable of winning any class he goes in."

After Ted established himself at the beginning of the season, Tabitha started making plans for Bishop.


"I have always dreamed of winning the High Point at Bishop Mule Days," says Tabitha. "I have been reserve twice. The competition is so tough that you can't make any mistakes. You have to place high in every class to have a chance."

Ted came through again winning five World Championships, two reserves and ultimately was named High Point World Champion.

"Bishop was definitely his most exciting win so far,"
exclaims Samantha. "We have worked really hard to earn this award!"


World Champion Pleasure Driving at Bishop Mule Days


"It was a team effort," says Tabitha. "Dan won the pleasure driving with him and that is where we fell behind in 2010. I knew Ted would be great in the western pleasure and then he came through in the speed events as well. It was a very special win for all of us. I was really excited that my dad, Gary Kinser, got to come along and share this with us. He trained horses for many years and I still call him all the time for advice."

Dan and Tabitha also trained and showed the Reserve High Point Donkey, Rock Point Thomas owned by Terry Bates of Bloomfield, MO.

Ted followed his Bishop win with another big title, High Point at the Great Celebration/NASMDA National Championship show in Shelbyville.

"My best memory at this show was winning the western pleasure. That is my favorite class and Ted has proven himself over and over in this event winning at Houston, Bishop and now Shelbyville. For me it is like the triple crown," said Tabitha.


Ted has now won NASMDA High Point Open Donkey SIX times! He is a THREE time High Point Winner at Bishop Mule Days and holds Superior titles in EIGHT events! In 2016 he was inducted into the Bishop Mule Days Hall of Fame. He also earned a Reserve World Championship at the 2015 Western Dressage World Show competing against horses!


He has sired MULTIPLE Bishop World Champions, NASMDA National Champions, Pinto World and Congress Champions and High Point Winners in the Open, Youth and Amateur divisions! He has also won Get of Sire at Bishop twice.


Clyde's Gallant Fox was inducted into the NASMDA Hall Of Fame in 2022   


 In 2022, Dwain and Samantha transfered ownership of Ted to Dan and Tabitha Holland to ensure he will always live his life with the people he knows and loves! We could not be more thankful for this selfless gift!


Ted is the 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 NASMDA Leading Jack and Signature Equine has been the NASMDA leading breeder for over a decade, breeding only foals sired by Clyde's Gallant Fox.


Ted stands at stud to mares at Signature Equine in Morris, OK. Shipped semen is available.


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